How To Edit Your Videos On Youtube If Your Starting Out


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A wealth of software is available to those just starting out that may help them edit their films on a shoestring budget. The following are some of them:

The Creator Studio for YouTube

YouTube is equipped with its own web-based video editor, and using it is free. You may cut clips from any video area using the YouTube Creator Studio, a simple editing tool. Moreover, you can blur the faces and items of people. Several additional options might assist you in making your video more appealing and interesting to viewers.

If you have already posted a video to YouTube, you may use the YouTube Creator Studio to modify the video without sacrificing your video ID or video URL. You may also offer your viewers the chance to subscribe to your channel by clicking the "Add an End Screen" button while editing your video.


Videorama is the most effective tool for editing the video you've captured if you take video using an iPhone or iPad. You can choose video clips and photographs from your gallery and combine them into a single presentation. You can also record a voice-over in addition to building overlays, adding music and filters, adding text, and applying effects. After you have finished making edits, when you are finished, choose the desired resolution and frame rate, and then click on the "OK, Share" button. Your video should now be in a state where it can be uploaded to your channel on YouTube.


Shotcut is a multimedia editing tool. Because it is so easy to use, it is a great choice for beginners in audio and video editing. You may produce new movies from scratch or modify existing ones with the help of its many capabilities, and the resulting video could be interesting or compelling. There are various walkthroughs and tutorials included to assist you. It is the most effective tool for editing videos to upload to YouTube.

There are a lot of effects, but some of the ones utilized often include color grading, color tint, and other similar effects. When it comes to options for editing audio, the most common usage for Shotcut is adding music to your videos to improve their quality.

If you wish to edit videos, you may choose from several different presets, or you can pick the "Custom" option and specify the frame rate and resolution you want to use.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi is a program for editing videos that allows you to share edited versions with others. By utilizing the Keyframe animations, special effects, and prepared intros that it provides, you will be able to alter your movies and make them appear more appealing to the audience.

Utilizing the chroma key is another straightforward method for altering the backdrop of your video files. It features an intuitive and well-designed user interface, which means you won't need to spend time learning how to use it before you start using it. You can make edits to your videos and download them at no cost. When utilizing it, a connection to the internet is not required at any time. Therefore, the most effective way to utilize it is when you are moving about.

Apple iMovie

Apple's iMovie is a video editing program designed for those interested in editing videos on a more advanced level. It is for those who use Macs. It is simple to use, and your edited videos have great quality because of the special effects, high fidelity filters, green screen effects, and other features. It enables you to add a variety of clips and shots and organize them in order. After that, you can add text, music, and effects, and your compelling movie is complete.

Always pick the standard aspect ratio before beginning to edit your video for YouTube or other sites. The aspect ratio may be found in the video's settings (4:3). iMovie will automatically add transition effects and titles to your movie if you pick any available themes for your project.

Videoshop - Video editor

You may edit your films on your Android or iPhone using an app called Videoshop, a video editing program developed by a third party. You may trim, chop, modify the lighting, rotate your movie, create transitions, and many other things using the remarkable capabilities of VideoShop. You may increase viewers' interest in your video by including music and text.

You may make your movie seem more appealing by using one of the many filters or one of the many available tools. When you are through editing the movie, choose the 'Share' option from the toolbar and click it. It prepares the video for uploading to sites like YouTube and other platforms.